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About the Men In Black Software Company

The Men In Black Software Company or MIB Software was started in November of 2011. The name for the company came about while discussing with a co-worker at a different company that all of the good domains with my name or initials had already been taken. That's when he suggested Men In Black Software. I had already known the term Men In Black from the pop culture references and was worried that there might be some sort of Copyright issues. He pointed out that as long as I made no claim to be affiliated with the movies or the stories or the actors within the movie franchise they could not come after me because the term "Men In Black" existed long before the movies. I will admit I am a fan of the "Men in Black" movies which star Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith. But my fondness for those movies has not influenced me when creating this site and the Men In Black Software Company. Prior to being called Men In Black Software the software was created under several company names. Such as MSC Software, CandySoft of Canada, Eldorado Software, CrystalPhyre Creations, and CrystalPhyre Artworks.

A De-Classified Men In Black History

August 9 2015: Site Redesigned and Re-opened.

May 5th 2012: Men In Black Software Website Completed and Opened.

November 30th 2011: Agent Blue designated.

November 15th 2011: RSS Feed Successfully tested.

November 10th 2011: Agent Orange given task of completing website.

November 5th 2011: Construction of the Men In Black Software website begins.

November 4th 2011: Agent Orange is designated.

November 3rd 2011: MenInBlackSoftware.com is registered as a domain.

1950-1990: Men In Black referenced in Pop Culture, book and comics.

1947: First reported sighting of "Men In Black" at the reported location of a UFO sighting.

1947: Majestic 12 established by order of US President Harry Truman.

July 8th 1947: Whatever happened at the Foster farm, captured the world's imagination.

1908: Tunguska in the Siberian region of Russia, site of first known crash landing.

Prior 1908: Many sightings in Europe and Asia of unidentified flying objects accompanied by men dressed in dark clothing.

Some information in this page was taken from various sources one of which is Wikipedia.

Agent Orange - Aug. 09 2015.