Designed Purpose

Adder is a program that will add a signature to emails in the Bluewave (TM) offline mail reader. If you still call public access Bulletin Boards (BBS's) either locally, long distance or through telnet, you will find that some of them use either QWK packets or a program called Bluewave that will bundle up your mail. If you use an offline reader then Adder is the tool for you. Doing offline mail can be fun and time saving, it's nice to make your messages a little more personalized if you have a signature adder. Most of the other signature adders out there either needed you to register them. Most of them would leave little note in or after your signature that says the programs name. Adder does not do that!


License: Freeware
Operating Systems: DOS
Size: 4Kb
Version: 1.0


Installing Adder

Make a directory in your Bluewave directory called ADDER or anything you want to call it. Unzip in the ADDER directory. Unzip the and move the EDITOR.BAT to your Bluewave directory. Edit the paths in your editor.bat that have REM lines under them so that they are correct. Go into your Bluewave's "SETUP PARAMETERS" to where it says directories or paths.. replace the line that calls up your editor with the following line.

c:\modem\bwave\editor.bat @F

If you've followed these instructions correctly it should work with no problems. That's it!!!

Adding More Signatures

Simply create ASCII (txt) files with the signatures that you wish to use. Make sure that they are called end.#

Make sure that they are kept in the Adder directory. The numbers MUST run in sequence. If you skip a number adder might not work properly. e.g.: end.5 There is no limit on the size of your signatures. Then go into the editor.bat and change the number after adder to the current number of your last end.??. That's all!

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