Designed Purpose

Ammo is a random quote picker for any bbs that can display ansi screens! Most of the quote pickers we came across were either famous for putting up statements as to who made them or they looked like ugly. We found a few that didn't do that but they were shareware and would beep loudly on the local console when they ran, nice unpleasant touch.


License: Freeware
Operating Systems: DOS
Size: 5Kb
Version: 1.0


Installing Ammo

Make a directory in your hard drive AMMO or anything you want to call it. Unzip in the newly created directory. Unzip the in the same directory. If you run the do.bat as it is you will end up with a file called "bye.ans" it is meant as an example of what the final logoff screen will look like. If you run your bbs through a bat file and your nightly maint is ran as an error level then add the following line to your event.

cd .... (path to where you put ammo and samples)
ammo * (the * is the number of total quotes in the "ammo" directory.)
call 1.bat
cd.... (path back to wherever you want your batch to go...)

If you do not run your bbs from a bat file We have included the "do.bat" file in this archive all you have to do is add a line at the end of it telling it where to toss your "bye.ans". (or to rename it and then toss it.)

Creating More Quotes

Enter your favorite ansi editor and make a 2-3 line ansi that you wish to be your header.. the file must be called mark.ans THIS ANSI MUST BE SAVED WITH A CLEARSCREEN-HOME COMMAND!!! We don't care if you replace our ansi's all We ask is that, if you do re-distribute the files to another person you give them the ORIGINAL archive! Next Edit the "end.ans" so that it has the proper commands for your bbs logoff screen. Do not make the screen longer than 10-15 lines. DO NOT save this screen so that it does a clear-home when shown. ?.ANS [=== These files are the quotes.. We have learned that if you make them down 1 line from the top and indented about 3-5 spaces they look best. They can be any colour that you want. Just remember that the number of lines in these files will effect the final screen length of the "bye.ans"

Screen Shots

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