MIB Drive Closer

Designed Purpose

Sometimes we access our home computer from work and other places. One of the main problems I've ran into are that some disc burner software, will eject the disk when it's done burning, and you can't disable it. Normally nothing will take the disk back in without rebooting the computer!

Closer allows you to pick which drive you want to close, and then closes it when you click on the button. It also has the option of exiting the program once it's done.


License: Freeware
Operating Systems: Win 9X/XP/V/7/8/10
Size: 1.12Mb
Version: 0.01



At this point I'm not sure if there is a need to improve this program but it's still listed as active as I haven't either found a reason to discontinue it either.

Screen Shots

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