Designed Purpose

Dater is a utility that will rename any file that you specify on the command line to a date format, while keeping the original time stamp and extension.


License: Freeware
Operating Systems: DOS
Size: 4Kb
Version: 1.0



If you are a user of a PINE system for getting your Internet e-mail, or a sysop, or anyone who is constantly making a backup of a zip, txt, or any other type of file on a steady basis this small utility should be helpful to you.


Dater will take the name of any file you specify and rename it to the current date and hour. i.e. joe-bob.txt would become MM-DD-HH.txt if you gave the command line of: Dater joe-bob.txt

However if you gave it the command line of: Dater -y joe-bob.txt it would rename it to MM-DD-YY.txt

Using the -y will cause Dater to use the year instead of the hour. This modification added at the request by Darren Ryall.

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