Document List Deleter

Designed Purpose

DLD (Document List Deleter) is a freeware program. From an icon on your desktop or from your programs menu in the startup menu it can be ran. Simply put it cleans out your "Documents" listing in the startup menu.


License: Freeware
Operating Systems: Win9x
Size: 1.4Mb
Version: 4.0


Configuring DLD

When you run DLD for the first time it will open as a normal program you will need to enter the path for your "recent documents list" which should be "c:\windows\recent\" and then click on the save settings button. Once you have exited DLD it is ready to work.. just click on the desktop icon and poof your "recent document list" will be cleaned out.

What if I need to change the path for some reason?

We don't see a need for it but, we have created a configuration icon that is located in the Document List Deleter Folder in your Start Menu.. just click on it and you can change the path to your "recent" directory.

Screen Shots

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