Wish to donate?

Asking for donations.. for shame...

Almost all of the software we product is freeware, so we don't find it out of line to ask you for a donation.

We have decided to try this route as opposed to making it all shareware or nagware or ad supported. You know.. the crap that installs things you don't want when installing the program you do want.

Here are ways that you can donate to us, if you so choose:

Via Email Money Order

If you have the ability to send an "e-transfer" or sometimes called an "Email money transfer" it will ask you to send it to an Email address. We prefer you use software@meninblacksoftware.com.

If you do wish to send using this method please also send us an Email to that address letting us know what you have used as the password to accept the funds. :D

Online Donation button

When you click the button below it will allow you to pay via PayPal or a Credit Card via PayPal, a donation amount between $1.00 and $100..

If you seriously wish to donate more than $100.00 please Email us at software@meninblacksoftware.com and we will assist you with that.

Agent Orange - Aug. 18 2015.