Desktop Pack

Designed Purpose

This is the first version of the Desktop Pack. Here you will find six desktop backgrounds (wallpapers) that will work with Windows 95/98 if your screen resolution is set for 640x480x16million colours. If you have your system set differently the screens may not appear correctly.


License: Freeware
Operating Systems: Win9x/XP
Size: 1.45Mb
Version: 1.0


Installing the Screens

  • 1) Make a temp directory in your hard drive.
  • 2) Unzip in the newly created directory.
  • 3) Copy the *.bmp files to your Windows directory (Should be c:\windows)
  • 4) Then right click on your desktop and select "properties" this should open your "display" window. If you have properly installed them the screens should be listed under "wallpaper" just select a new one and then click on apply and OK to save your changes.
  • 5) That's it..

Uninstalling the Screens

  • 1) Make sure that you do NOT have any of our "wall papers" being used as your current desktop background or problems may occur.
  • 2) Go to your Windows directory (Should be c:\windows) and delete the following files.
  • 3) That's it.. your done.

Screen Shots

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