QuestionGirl Logo Pack

Designed Purpose

Question Girl was a beautiful young woman who owned a live camera site on the Internet. Most of her online time was spent chatting, and teasing, and just having fun. Her quick wit and love of fun shows in her big brown eyes. We were given permission to release these splash screens as freeware. Below are screen shots of what the splash screens look like.


License: Freeware
Operating Systems: Win9x
Size: 235Kb
Version: 1.0


Installing the Screens

Before you do anything we suggest that you make a back up of the originals. If you don't know where they are your original logo.sys should be located at your c:\ prompt and your logow.sys and logos.sys should be in your Windows directory. Make a copy of them in a safe directory. Then replace the ones in the original locations with these ones and poof you are done. If that's too much work for you there are freeware programs out there that will do this for you. One of them is called Theme Logo Changer.

Screen Shots

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