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A peek at software in the works!

Listed on this page will be all of the software that is in the midst of being produced by our company. If you wish to be part of our beta testing group click on the Participate link here or on the left menu to register as a beta tester for one or all of our programs.

All of our software is 100% virus free!, 100% Malware free! and 100% Adware free!!

Agent Orange - Aug. 29 2015.


CSV Fixer V0.1b (?.?? Mb) Win XP/V/7/8/10
This program's intended use is to fix issues with CSV files or to at least alert you to possible issues. It will scan a CSV file for extra or missing commas (possibly due to commas in the date within your "cells" as well as to check for illegal characters which can cause imports of these files to fail.


M3U List Master

M3U List Master V1.0b (?.?? Mb) Win XP/V/7/8/10
This program allows you to create an M3U file that is compatible with WinAmp(tm) and other MP3 players that can read M3U files. It allows you to create a playlist that is randomly generated and also allows you to insert "promos/ads" after 10 songs's. Intended use is for online radio stations to be able to randomize their play lists so they are using the same songs in the same order over and over and over again.. like many offline stations do.

M3U List Master

Reverse Calculator

Reverse Calculator V1.0b (?.?? Mb) Win XP/V/7/8/10
This program will allow you to take the final cost of an item and as long as you can provide the tax rate it will do the math and give you the amount of tax and the original price of the item. This is great for those who are bad at math.

reverse calc

Time Calculator

Time Calculator V2.0b (?.?? Mb) Win XP/V/7/8/10
This was originally a DOS based program written by one of our earlier incarnations called Eldorado Software, on February 25th 1995. It was a recreation of a program written on a Commodore 64 by Agent Orange. The program's intended use is allow you to add multiple lengths of time and to have it tell you once they are added together how long the total length is. It also allows you to take a set amount of time and subtract time from it. Originally it was used to figure out how many songs he could fit onto a cassette. Don't laugh too hard it's been used for other time calculations, since then.

Time Calculator

Up Time Monitor

Up Time Monitor V1.0b (?.?? Mb) Win XP/V/7/8/10
This program tracks the number of days hours minutes and second that your computer has been running since you started the Up Time Monitor. (great if you load it in your start up.)

Up Time Monitor