Designed Purpose

Simply put, RarVol is a front-end dos based utility that lets you easily create multiple RAR volumes from a single archive. This archive utility allows you to create files of any size from 1k to 9999k in size..

The command line: Rarvol inputname.ext outputname size


License: Freeware
Operating Systems: DOS
Size: 4Kb
Version: 1.0



If you are still using floppy disks to back up files from your hard drive you've learned that some files are just too large. Not any more this program will create RAR volumes for any size of disk!


Do not put an extension on the output name. Also the size is the size you want the volumes to be in Kilobytes.. if you used 5 you'd end up with 5kb archives.. and lots of them.. average floppy size is 1440kb so you'd use 1440.

Example Rarvol test.zip cool 1440
(This would take a file called test.zip and split it into floppy disk sized files called cool.rar cool.r01 cool.r02 etc.


You MUST have the RAR Archiver somewhere in your path for this program to work properly.

To re-join RAR volumes just use RAR's own unrar and it will join them for you.

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